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Your website is a critical part of your law firm's marketing strategy and tactics. Our resources are here to help you build the right one for your firm.

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Best Practices for Law Firm Websites

Good design is the foundation of a website that brings in business. Here’s are the best practices we have identified over the years:

  1. Start with a well defined goal.
  2. Highlight your call to action.
  3. Focus on your client-centered value proposition.
  4. Welcome mobile devices with responsive design.
  5. Avoid visual clutter.
  6. Use bold colors and striking images.
  7. Take advantage of typography.
  8. Design for accessibility.
  9. Optimize for search engines.
  10. Secure your website.

You should follow these best practices when building a website, and then you should experiment, evaluate, and update your website based on what you learn. The most effective websites for attorneys evolve over time based on objective data.

For more about these best practices and how to implement them on your website, get our guide, 10 Things the Best Website Designs Have in Common.

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