Law Firm Marketing Plans

Law Firm Logo Design

You need a (quality) law firm logo. It is an outsized part of your law firm's overall brand identity and distinguishes you from the competition.

Yes, you need a law firm logo. It is an outsized part of your law firm’s overall brand identity and gives you an opportunity to set yourself apart from your competition. You’ll want to avoid being too trendy, of course, but you can also afford to look beyond the staid old practice of slapping your name on the wall in Times New Roman or some other boring old seriffed font.

If you think like a marketer, your logo will immediately strike you as an essential component in your existence. It should serve as a visual representation of your brand and represent your brand at a glance. And, if you can convince yourself to break free from tradition, you can design a logo that resonates in your potential clients’ brains.

Cheap—or even DIY—logos may be tempting. But you generally get what you pay for. It is worth finding a professional designer who will customize your project without copying graphics or clipart from other brands or websites. You’re a one-of-a-kind lawyer, right? Don’t let your logo say otherwise, either metaphorically or literally. Metaphorical blandness is, of course, merely awful. Literal sameness is more problematic and can lead to a cease and desist, a lawsuit, or an expensive rebranding initiative.

Your designer should use vector graphics, not raster. A vector graphic leaves clean edges regardless of its size, which is increasingly important in this age of retina screens.