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Law Firm Stationery & Letterhead

That sweet, satisfying, and timeless joy of using law firm stationery & letterhead to send a screed full of righteous indignation and vitriol.

You probably send a massive amount of email and text messages in a given day. Your fax machine may be collecting dust in a drawer somewhere (or, glory be, maybe you never even bought one in the first place?!?!). Maybe you even have a “most-used emoji” list, have typed “TTFN” at least once this calendar year, and generally avoid antiquated correspondence altogether.

But there is something sweet, satisfying, and timeless about pulling out a sheet of 25-pound letterhead and firing off a screed full of righteous indignation and Roget-inspired vitriol at the opposing party’s lawyer.

And that, dear readers, is why you need stationery and letterhead.