Showing that creativity (or relentless marketing) knows no bounds, Morrison & Foerster recently unveiled an iPhone app as part of a new marketing campaign. The firm clearly has put some major money behind the new campaign, and made the edgy choice to rename their website “” Based on what I have seen, I think the marketing campaign will be an enormous success.

The App

The concept of using an app as a marketing tool seemed ridiculous when I first saw the headline. Ridiculous enough to make me read about it. Score one for the marketing campaign. The screenshots of the app looked appealing enough, so I downloaded it to play around with it. Score two for the marketing campaign.

The app is well designed, although most of its features are not very utilitarian (unless the free game counts). The most useful feature I found was being able to view employees by law school. If you are looking to network with alums from your school, this is an amazingly easy to find them in one firm.

Marketing Tool

Sure, I am a tech geek who blogs about the iPhone. But I also was intrigued enough to read the article, download the app, and play around with it. I would call that an unqualified marketing success.

Practically speaking, I would guess only large firms can pull off this kind of marketing strategy. Importantly, the content and the design of the app make it appealing. Most solos and small firms do not have advertising backgrounds. But that is not an excuse to generate a lame website that could be outdone by an eight-year-old.

You do not need an iPhone app to have a successful marketing campaign. Making a bold statement, like calling your firm “MoFo,” is one way to do it. Making a visually appealing website is another way. Spend the extra time to make something dynamic, or different, and you will see results.

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