Whether you are just starting a solo practice or you have an established firm, you should never stop marketing. Content-based marketing on the web is a great way to get your name out there.

The best tool is developing a blog. Your blog should focus on a particular area of law. Use it to showcase your knowledge and expertise, by providing content to readers.

Merely bragging about winning cases is not helpful to individuals surfing the web. Make your blog part of your daily routine, because the more you post, the more traffic should come your way.

Creating a newsletter is another option. If you do not think you can maintain a blog on a regular basis, a monthly newsletter can be helpful. But you still need a website that will attract readers to sign up for the newsletter. If you have a blog, use the newsletter to highlight some of the more popular posts from the past month.

Guest posting is another way to get your name out there. Guest posting requires less work then maintaining a blog. Guest posting may also allow for greater exposure if you are published on a well-known site or blog.


  1. Great post, short and to the point. While a daily post is almost impossible for me, I see the advantage of consistent posting (two a week, Mon and Fri.)

  2. Avatar Randall Ryder says:

    Daily posting is really hard, especially for one person. I think two times a week is a great target.

  3. Developing guest blogging and contributor relationships is a great way to assist with posting frequency. Guest authors can also breathe fresh life into your blog, provide a different perspective, and encourage dialogue amongst contributors.

    Of course, if you do allow guest posting / contributions, make sure you retain editorial control.

  4. While blogging is only one of numerous ways to market on the web, it is the best way – far and away. The advice to post frequently is good advice. My own style is out-of-step with best blogging practices – less frequent and longer posts. I’m constantly trying to post more frequently, but want to keep the quality high.

    Other forms of web marketing include: email listservs, group websites, “static” websites, directories, article and PR sites, and of course social networking and micro-blogging. A blog is the most powerful of all. Yet all can work together with synergy.

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