Marketing Monday

Since opening my own practice, I have found that completing the sometimes-inane law firm marketing tasks works best when I am fresh. Therefore, I have implemented Marketing Monday, during which I focus most of my energy for the day on the marketing of my practice. It eases me into the week, and gets a lot of the smaller items out the way early so I can focus on the larger tasks as the week progresses.

The following are the most frequent Marketing Monday tasks I address, although the full list is much longer.

Client updates

Although most people think about law firm marketing as the process of attracting new clients, sometimes the best clients are the ones you already have. If this is the case, then keeping your current clients happy and well-informed is some of the easiest marketing available. I try to make sure that I send email updates to my active clients at the beginning of each week so they know how their case is proceeding, what the short- and long-term plans are, and allowing them an easy opportunity to respond with questions or concerns.

Blog posts

I try to post on my blog ( once to twice a week. Depending on how often you post, blogging can sometimes seem like another task piled on the already-overwhelming to-do list. If your blog allows you to schedule your posts, though, you can brainstorm and write your posts on Monday and set them up to go out at later dates throughout the week. This frees you up for the rest of the week while still producing regular content updates.

Website tweaking

Unless you have an in-house webmaster who is constantly pushing updates for you, your website could probably be tweaked either for content or usability. Have you looked at Google Analytics for your website lately? Look at where people are landing, where they spend the most time, and which pages make people leave the fastest. You can directly affect those statistics by either restructuring your site or re-writing your content.

Google AdWords

In conjunction with your website, you should be using Google AdWords to help promote your website (and thus your practice) online. Once it is set up, you don’t need to do much to keep it running smoothly, but checking in each week for a while will let you know where the clicks are coming from, how much you are spending, and whether you should be altering the ads or the pages to which they link.


So far, my best clients have come as referrals from other attorneys, so I make it a goal to either start a new relationship or rekindle an old one at least once per week. You can start this process via Twitter so they get a sense of who you are, but the connection really needs to be made in person for it to be effective. Send out some quick email, make a few phone calls, and see who you can chat with for a bit to get another person into your contacts list (and hopefully you will land in theirs as well).

Practice enhancement

Try to think of 3 things per week that you could do to make your practice run better, make your current clients happier, make new acquaintances want to be your clients, or better promote yourself in the community. Can you address them today, or this week? Enhancing your practice makes a better product that more people will want to consume.

Depending on how well-established your practice is, these six items could take anywhere from a couple hours to the whole day. After a number of weeks of addressing these items, however, they will become more refined and take less time, allowing you to replace them with other marketing tasks, or hopefully allowing you to focus on all the clients now lining up to hire you.

I also have plenty of less-frequent recurring tasks for law firm marketing purposes, which will be addressed in future posts.

Is there anything you find is crucial to address each week? What law firm marketing tasks do you employ regularly that are not on my list?


  1. Great post, Graham! I have been floundering trying to do marketing throughout the week on top of “regular” work. Marketing Mondays is an idea I can easily implement, and I’m going to use your checklist as a guide.

  2. Avatar Rachel Clark says:

    Great post, I think your ideas can apply to any profession. I work with attorneys and see some of these items applying to the marketing I do to them. I like the idea of picking one day to handle your marketing, it gets a little overwhelming to try to do it each and every day along with everything else.

  3. Great tip! You can work on your marketing or rainmaking daily, though, by applying the same advice to the first five minutes of your day. Even if it’s just to go over your target client list, carve out a few minutes at the start of your day, and you’ll have your marketing plan simmering on the back burner throughout the rest of the morning and afternoon. In either case, make sure you put marketing on your calendar—otherwise time will get away from you, and it won’t get done! -ae

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