marketing-malpracticeI still meet some lawyers, especially solos, who insist they do not need a website. “I have more than enough business” is the common push back to any suggestion that they should have one. Well, they may have “enough business,” but there would definitely be more business with a web presence.

Without a website, you are leaving money on the table.

Why you need a website

There are two reasons why one needs a web presence. One applies to all lawyers; the other to only some.

First, a website validates you and provides you with credibility. Many lawyers get their work by referrals. If someone is nice enough to give out your name, in this day and age, the first thing that person will do is google you. If they cannot find you on the web, they may think you do not exist or that you are not a credible lawyer, and they will move on to the next name.

In short, lawyers without websites have no idea how many referrals they may have missed out on.

Second, for lawyers primarily serving individuals in practice areas such as family law, criminal law, bankruptcy, and personal injury, the web is replacing the phone book for those potential clients. People—including potential clients’ family and friends—do google searches all of the time to find these types of lawyers.

No more excuses

The old excuse, “it is too complicated and too expensive” no longer flies. You can do it yourself if you have the time and interest, or you can hire a reasonably-priced vendor.

Just do it.

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