Whether you work at a big firm or have a solo law practice, there are always times when things are slow and staying productive can be tricky. My boss always tells me that when things are slow, the goal is to market, market, and market more. Marketing comes in various forms, so try out a couple of these ideas.

Either start a blog, or post some new material. If you have an extra twenty minutes a day (you probably do), you can start a blog. Our firm draws a healthy amount of traffic from a consumer rights blog. If you already have a blog, then keep it updated, adding more posts is related to increased higher levels of readership.

If you work at a bigger firm, consider writing an article. Larger firms usually put out newsletters for the various practice areas. Writing an article can help enhance your visibility both in and outside of the firm. It may also give you a chance to connect with some partners you usually do not interact with.

Buy people lunch. Business lunches are a great way to network. It might pinch you wallet to buy lunches when business is slow, but it will pay off in the long term. Lawyers love to refer cases to one another, and if you just bought someone lunch, your name is fresh in their mind.

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Randall Ryder
Randall sues debt collectors that harass consumers, assists consumers with student loan issues, and defends consumers in debt collection lawsuits. He is also an attorney instructor at the University of Minnesota Law School.

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  1. I could not agree more. Every non-billable moment is a potential marketing moment. Better to get your name out there and creating your niche for potential later business than just sitting around.

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