Manage Your Time in Law School

efficientstudyingWhen something does not click in law school, either take a break or move onto something else.

First year students waste lots of time beating their brains trying to decipher some lame contracts case—suddenly you have wasted your entire Saturday trying understand why someone owned a cow.

When you hit a wall in law school, do not try and force your way through it. Go take a walk, remove yourself from your surroundings, do something to distract yourself. When you come back, you will have a new perspective and it might make more sense. At the very least, you should have more energy which will help tackle the issue.

If that does not work, consider a study guide, or even use Wikipedia to find the case you just cannot get. In no way I am suggesting you should substitute Wikipedia or a study guide for reading the actual case. But they can help you form a basic understanding of what is going on, which should allow you to really digest some of the reasoning.

Some students are successful because they really do spend twelve hours a day studying. But if you are smart and efficient you can learn the same amount in less time. And nobody remembers the cow case anyway.

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  1. Avatar John says:

    Excellent advice. This is why I would go running in law school. To figuratively shake the ideas up in my head and get a new look at them.

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