Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts

Most successful social media campaigns use multiple platforms—Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc. Each platform, by itself, is not necessarily a drain on your time. But managing multiple platforms one at a time can become a time vampire. If you have the money, you can consider outsourcing some of your social media. You can also do-it-yourself with a program like Sendible.

Manage multiple accounts

If you have your own blog, having to manually go into Twitter and/or Facebook to alert the world is a pain in the butt and also a waste of time. One option is Tweetdeck, which can post updates for both Facebook and Twitter at the same time.

Sendible does the same thing, but it can manage even more accounts. You can also send emails along with status updates, blog posts, RSS feeds, etc. In other words, Sendible allows much more flexibility and customization to help enhance your campaign.

Schedule updates

Although many blog programs, like WordPress, let you schedule posts, other social media does not let you schedule status updates. For example, depending on your strategy, you may want to post your latest article on your blog, Twitter, and Facebook all at the same time. Sendible lets you do that.

If you want to be more creative, you can schedule delayed Twitter and Facebook updates, say a day or two later, to try and maximize the traffic for each post.


Sendible also keeps track of the various responses, comments, views, shares, etc. If you are trying to maximize your social media campaign, most of the that information is helpful. It should be able to help pinpoint which social media is the most useful, and which one is maybe not worth posting to.

Sendible is free for the first 100 messages, after that, the pricing options vary. If you have a large social media campaign, and need something to manage all your accounts, give it a shot.

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