1. Avatar Josh Camson says:

    My firm used Ruby for a long time (and we wrote about it here) but recently switched to Moneypenny. Although their receptionists are very friendly, the service is just way too expensive if you have a lot of volume. And this app, at least on Android, is just OK. It looks much nicer than their previous app, but only updates the whereabouts on the first try about 70% of the time.

    • Avatar Jamie Sutton says:

      I am instinctively distrusting and skeptical of businesses that don’t have transparent pricing available on their website. Do you mind telling me how much your firm is paying for Moneypenny?

      • Avatar Josh Camson says:

        So am I, but we tried them out for a week for free. What’s interesting is they charge by the call, not the minute. It works well for us because inevitably we have one or two clients at a time who will call and talk for ages. We are paying ~ $300 for 150 calls if I remember correctly.

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