Make Time for Blogging

Blogging is for real. Blogging is not updating your status on Facebook or checking in somewhere with FourSquare. Blogging is way to deliver to quality content to potential clients. Once you launch your law blog, make sure you make time to contribute to it regularly.

A blog does not run itself

As noted by Gyi, if you stopped sending emails, would you ever receive any? Maybe, but probably not as many. Blogging is your stage to deliver to an audience. If you do not put anything new on the stage, your audience will disappear.

You do not have to blog every day. When it comes to blogging, quality content is much more important than quantity. If you find yourself missing your weekly deadlines to post, try scheduling your posts in advance. If you use WordPress, you could write all your posts for the next two months (or longer) and schedule them on a weekly basis.

Recognize that blogging is a long-term investment

My father and I started a website last December, and while we have seen modest gains, it is a frustrating endeavor. There have been many more days of “why did only three people come to the site today,” versus “holy crap we had forty-eight visitors.”

On the other hand, when we started, ten visitors was a good day. Now ten visitors is par for the course. Ask anyone who has started a blog and they will tell you to look for benchmarks at six months, twelve months, etc. We have set modest goals and have achieved nearly all of them.

You should also recognize that even if it takes a year for people to visit your blog regularly, all of those old posts still have value. You can always repost them, or do an update when traffic increases. When people find your blog, that accumulation of posts will make them stick around even longer.

Keep your goals modest and stick to your plan. It will pay off in the long run.

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    Nice article. It motivated me to start working on some ideas.

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