Make the Most of Facebook Marketing

Facebook has been inundated with privacy issues, but it is still the most popular social media website. If you are willing to put aside your security concerns, there are a couple of easy steps to making the most of your Facebook page for business marketing.

How Facebook determines whether your status shows up in news feeds

Facebook uses an algorithm to decide whether your status will appear in your friends’ news feeds. That can be influenced by three major things: (1) the frequency of interaction between you and the particular friend; (2) the type of interaction between you and the friend; and (3) the “freshness of the content.”

What you can do to have your status appear more often

Based on the formula above, you want to generate status updates that make people click on them, and either “like” them, comment on them, or view your profile.

For one, try and generate interesting updates. Think about about all the dribble that others post—and do not do that. Commenting on an article, and linking to the article, is a great way to entice interactions.

If you have a legal blog, rather then automatically having your posts pop up in Facebook, try and input them manually and add a comment. It depends on your audience, but if your status looks more personalized, it may get more reaction.

Ask people to like your status

Sure, it seems like pandering, but it can work. Submitting status updates that ask people to voice their opinion is a great way to increase viewing of your page or status. That, in turn, should help your status appear more often in friends’ news feeds.

Give a couple of these ideas a shot, and let me know how they work!

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