Make an Impression on Your Law Professors

The legal economy is showing signs of recovery, but the legal marketplace is changing significantly. Which means that you still need to work every angle for a possible advantage in your job search.

One place to look for help is right in front of you—your professors.

Make them know who you are

I have some bad news. If you only talk two times in class, no matter how brilliant those answers were, your professor probably will not remember you.

One way to fix that is to participate more often. This technique, however, should be approached with caution. Raising your hand at every question and providing marginal answers is not the way to go. Do not pretend like you cannot tell the difference. There is a distinction between a legit answer and an attempt to talk in class.

Another option is to talk your professor before or after class. Depending on the instructor, this may not be the best option. Sometimes they have to run to another class or a meeting and cannot fully dedicate their attention to you.

Attend office hours

One the better options, in my opinion, is going to their office hours. You would be surprised at how few students actually go to a professor’s office hours.

If you go to their office hours, be sure to have a plan—know what you want to talk about. Even if you just want advice on surviving law school, make sure the professor knows why you are there.

Frankly, I would go in with two topics. One topic should be something the professor can answer immediately, a question about class perhaps. The second topic should be something bigger, something that requires following up on your part. The goal is to not only get your question answered, but to develop a relationship.

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