If you have created your own law blog, you have taken a huge step towards creating an online marketing presence. Blogs, however, require constant attention and upkeep, and can start to feel stale after the initial excitement wears off. If you find yourself ignoring your blog, or you are just bored with it, shake things up a bit.

Add new voices

Successful TV shows always add new characters to bring in new viewers and keep the old ones satisfied, and blogs are no exceptions. Different viewpoints will get the conversation going again, and will bring in new readers.

Push the envelope

Step out of your comfort zone and say how you really feel about something, or propose an alternative strategy that is not considered the standard. You should not reinvent yourself, but there is nothing wrong with letting loose sometimes (unless it infringes on the rules of professional responsibility).

Guest post for someone else

This can draw near readers, and new viewpoints to your own blog. Much like working in a new location can shake up your thinking, guest writing might help you realize something about your own blog you want to change.

(photo: Roo Reynolds)

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