If you are eating at your desk today, join me for a CLE webcast on social networking for lawyers. The webcast is hosted by MCLE, and I will be talking with Peter Berge and Roy Ginsburg about online social networking as a marketing tool.

Here is MCLE’s blurb:

Solo/Small Firm Series: Social Networking for Lawyers

Part of the Minnesota CLE Solo/Small Firm webcast series. The Internet has become social with FriendFeed, Twitter, MySpace, Facebook and other social networking sites. But social networking is not just for teenagers any more. Sites like LinkedIn and Plaxo attempt to harness the networking power of the Internet for business and lawyers are using Facebook and Twitter in greater numbers. If you want to be see the future of where client communications, networking, and marketing are going, you need to see this webcast.

  • Sam Glover; Attorney at Law
  • Peter Berge; Minnesota CLE
  • Roy Ginsburg; Roy S. Ginsburg, J.D. (moderator)

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