If you are an attorney on the move, there are certain things that you need to carry with you. Frankly, I need to update my list, because last week I reviewed a portable projector that would be great for presenting on the go, and I just tried the Logitech iPad Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad.

If you are an iPad user that frequently needs a keyboard attachment, start your search right here.

What I like about the keyboard

You can type on the keyboard and it works like a dream. While that may sound like an obvious necessary feature, other portable keyboards do not work nearly as well.

The keys are relatively small, definitely smaller than normal keyboard (regardless of whether you use a Mac or PC). The keys, however, are firm, responsive, and spaced far enough apart that you can type with relative ease. Within ten seconds I was typing on it like it was my Apple wireless keyboard that I have used for years.

If you use the function key, you can manage an iPad with ease: volume, play, stop, lock, maximize/minimize keyboard, and a couple other regularly used iPad functions. While using the function key is not as easy as having another row of buttons, it still works relatively well.

The design has two big positives. One, it is designed to hold and prop your iPad right in front of the actual keyboard. In essence, in style only, it turns your iPad into a laptop, which is pretty slick. It also doubles as an iPad protective cover. When you are done typing, it attaches to the side of your iPad magnetically, just like the Apple covers. That’s even slicker.

Lastly, the directions indicate the keyboard will run for 6 months on a fully recharged battery. It’s tough to beat that.

What I don’t like about the keyboard

My biggest complaint is that I don’t have much to complain about, and I like complaining. I think it would be nice to have a separate row of iPad function keys, rather than requiring an operator to hold down function and a numerical key. Design-wise, it appears there is room for this function.

It would also be nice if the keyboard was backlit, but I have yet to come across a portable keyboard that has this function.

One thing to consider when purchasing an iPad keyboard is how much you will actually use it. This keyboard works great, but an iPad with a keyboard is not a laptop. Doing anything more complex than typing is going to be much easier with mouse and/or trackpad.

The other thing to consider is size. I compared my iPad 2 with the cover engaged to my MacBook Air, and my MacBook Air is not much bigger. In other words, if you need a portable computer, than stick with a Macbook Air.

Who should buy it

Anyone who wants a keyboard to use with their iPad. Seriously, this thing is great. I’ve typed my entire review on it at normal speed, with no hiccups.

Given that it doubles as a protective cover, it’s not going to take up much additional space. In other words: great product.


Logitech iPad Ultrathin Keyboard Cover

Reviewed by Randall Ryder on .

Summary: Typing on the Logitech iPad Ultrathin Keyboard Cover is a piece of cake and works like a dream. It doubles as a protective cover and is overall a great product.

Overall score: 5 (out of 5)


  1. Avatar Jordan says:

    I was going to get this keyboard but I didn’t like the fact it’s battery charged. Tough choice.

    Definitely love my Logitech ZAGG keyboard. My iPad has pretty much replaced my laptop.

    • Avatar Randall Ryder says:

      According to the instructions, the charge lasts for 6 months, which I could certainly live with. I certainly understand your concern though.

  2. Avatar Mark Smith says:

    Nice review – will look this one out. I’m a big fan of the site and often RT your posts (as @intchallenge) so please keep up the good work!

  3. Avatar drmrw says:

    i was very disappointed with the previous logitech keyboard case becaue if you just slightly pressed the top portion of the ipad while it was seated in the keyboard slot it would slip out and flop over with a resounding “slam!” Because the new keyboard is also magnetic IN THE SLOT it “locks” the iPad in place securely. You can even pick up the iPad and keyboard stays attached! Freakin’ awesome! very very secure and now iPad is no longer a pushover….

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