As of today, LinkedIn is better-looking and has some new features. Well, the app does.

First, the app looks much better. Gone is the hokey leather texture. Now it has a clean look and simple navigation. Unfortunately, it is also harder to find groups. As far as I can tell, you have to search for them by name or use the separate LinkedIn Groups app.

The old InMail messaging has been updated to look and feel more like Facebook Messenger without the stickers. This is a good update that might make LinkedIn messaging more useful. The old InMail feature was clunky, at best. Let’s face it: email is plenty useful, but it is old and kind of clunky and it probably shouldn’t be the model for your communication system.

My favorite new feature is that you can unfollow people. We’ve all got someone in our network who we want to stay connected to but who has taken over our LinkedIn feed with crap updates. Now you can click the  symbol on any update to unfollow that person. They will remain in your network, but you don’t have to see their updates.

It’s worth noting that the website got similar updates a while back. You can’t unfollow people as far as I can tell, but the new messaging feature is there, as are the good-looking new colors. Commenting is just as limited as always, though. The fonts are still tiny and you can’t add any formatting.

Look, I give LinkedIn a hard time for being so boring — and it is — but it is also really useful as a directory and networking tool. Whenever I meet someone new, I always check them out on LinkedIn so I know a little about them and who we might know in common. It is less useful as a social network, though. There’s just not much socializing going on. I doubt this update will change that, but at least it will make LinkedIn a bit more pleasant to use. [Re/code]

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