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Talking lawyer lifestyle means vacations and hobbies, sure. But it also means mental health, work-life balance, stress, anxiety, and substance abuse.

Let’s face it… the lawyer lifestyle can be hard. Being a lawyer and being a business owner can both have powerful impacts on your life and your lifestyle.

Without some intentionality, both can come to dominate your life and block out the light from the other parts of your life.

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That’s why we think thoughtful lawyers looking to sustain themselves over an entire legal career will do a few really important things to optimize their lawyer lifestyle. Specifically:

  1. You focus on what you can do best and delegate other work to technology or contractors who can do it better or more efficiently.

  2. You keep the number of hours you work in balance. Except in an actual emergency, you don’t regularly work more than 55 hours per week and you usually work 40 or less.

  3. You take a reasonable amount of vacation or paid time off.

  4. You have systems in place to support any of your needs for self-care, wellness, addiction-support, and mental health.

In this “Lawyer Lifestyle” hub, we’ll talk about mental health, work-life balance, and the scourges of stress, anxiety, substance abuse, and depression in our profession.

We’ll explore civic leadership, how to dress like a lawyer, and etiquette (in the courtroom, in your office, in your emails, and elsewhere).

And we’ll go deep into travel, vacations, and hobbies, since, you know, all work and no play make lawyers… lame.

Along the way, we hope you’ll contemplate how being a lawyer impacts your lifestyle and commit to living your life outside of lawyering the way you’ve always dreamed.

So, let’s dig in. Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you around the Lawyerist ecosystem!

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