Guest post by Kelly Spradley.

Lawyers who are fishing for clients may want to head over to LegalRiver. LegalRiver is a place where businesses and lawyers can connect. A business can post a project and lawyers can bid for the project.

Here’s how it works from the lawyer’s perspective. The lawyer spends about 10 minutes setting up a free profile. Assuming that the lawyer is bar licensed and in good standing, he will be approved to use the service. After he is approved he can peruse the business postings. If he finds a business that he is qualified to help, he can advertise directly to the business with a customized response and quote. He does have to pay a small fee to advertise to the business.

Here’s how it works from the business’ perspective. The business spends a few minutes setting up a free profile and submitting a project. If the business is legitimate, the project will be posted for lawyers to view. Lawyers can then respond with proposals. The business can sort through the proposals and select a lawyer.

It’s a win-win situation. Lawyers can benefit by advertising directly to businesses in need of legal services. Businesses can benefit by getting proposals from uniquely skilled legal professionals.

In summary, a lawyer in need of more clients can set up a profile on LegalRiver today. Instead of advertising to uninterested parties through radio or TV ads, he can advertise to qualified leads. In addition, if he provides a quality service to the business, he can look forward to future business from the client.

(photo: Rickydavid)

Kelly Spradley is the vice president of marketing and sales at Impirus.

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