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Legal software translates your professional skills into work product, enhances your productivity, prevents missed deadlines, helps you get paid, and keeps track of your money.

The software lawyers use is often just regular productivity software, used by lawyers. But some, like practice management software, is specifically designed for lawyers.

Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials

We’ve got lots of tips, tricks, and tutorials for popular legal software:

Frequently Asked Questions about Legal Software

Before you choose any software for your firm, check out the legal software bill of rights. We have lots of legal software reviews, and if you don’t see something right away, use the search box.

Can’t you just tell me what I need?

We could, but you probably wouldn’t listen. But in case you mean it, here is our legal technology shopping list for new solos.

Do I really need Microsoft Office?


Can I use cloud-based software?

Yes. In fact, you probably do already. Here’s more on the cloud.

Should I use a cloud file storage/sync service?

Probably, if you have more than one device and you want to be able to access the same files from all of them. Here are some of the most popular options:

Do I need backup software?

Yes. A thousand million times yes.

Which backup software should I choose?

There are plenty of options, but we think you should just get CrashPlan.

Should I get practice management software?

If your firm has more than one person, you really should consider practice management software to keep track of everything. If you are solo, you could probably get by without practice management software, but you will probably want it anyway.

Which practice management software should I choose?

Our user guides will help you figure out which practice management software might be a good fit for your firm.

For information about other options, browse all our practice management software posts or use the search box to find what you are looking for.

Should I get accounting software?


Which accounting software should I choose?

There are basically two options:

(N.b., FreshBooks is not accounting software, despite its “cloud accounting” branding.)

Should I get timekeeping and billing software?

If you need to track your time and bill clients (and if your accounting software doesn’t handle your billing), then yes. Here are some great timekeeping and billing software options.

Or if you just need timekeeping, here are some ways to track of your time.

Are there any alternatives to Adobe Acrobat so I don’t have to spend so much money?

Yep. Here are some alternatives to Acrobat.

Did we miss your question? Let us know.

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