Looking to start a legal tech company?

After you figure out what it is you will actually be doing that “disrupts” the legal industry, you will need an amazing name. One that evokes imagery of law. And disruption. Because your investors need disruption.

Luckily, you do not need to reinvent the wheel with naming your legal tech startup. Just combine some legalese-sounding words with some disruptive-sounding words, and then you have a name for your startup.

If your tech startup name has some Latin in it, even better. A name that fuses elements of a dead language with modern technology is a winning combination.

You could spend hours or days coming up with the perfect name. You could even spend a lot of money on “brand consultants” to get your perfect name. Or we could come up with your startup’s name for you.

We built a legal tech startup name generator to help you get your startup off the ground and wow those investors.

Click the button below to generate your next startup’s name!

Good luck!

Featured image: “Website Development team concept.” from Shutterstock.


  1. legalofficeguru says:

    I’m just waiting for someone to actually use “Casetrek”. Heck, I’m wondering if someone’s already making it.

  2. Jordan Furlong says:

    Thank you for giving the world “FirmCrunchable.” My day is made.

  3. Andrew Cabasso says:

    ClauseMatch scours agreements available online to tell you which agreement your lawyer copied from.

  4. Paul Spitz says:

    DiligenceCrunch is an essential tool for identifying all the mistakes you made at incorporation by trying to do it yourself or by using Legalzoom, instead of hiring a real lawyer

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