Have you noticed something similar about the legal tech companies out there? Flip through these legal tech websites and see if you can spot a theme:

Clio: From Yellow to Blue


MyCase: Always Blue


LegalZoom: Blue like the Tears of Lawyers Who Hoped UPL Laws Would Save Them from Competition


Chrometa: Blue, and It Knows How Long You Spent Looking at This Image


Allegory: Subtly Blue


CosmoLex: Blue


Lawcus: I Tried to Talk Them out of It


CALI: Blue with Orange


FileVine: Blue with Reddish-Orange (Orange Seems to Be a Popular Complementary Color)


Westlaw: Orange with Blue, for a Twist


PracticePanther: Blue


Logikcull: Blue, but Not Spelled the Way You Would Expect


Zola: Blue


American Bar Association: Not a Tech Company, but Definitely Blue


Okay, I think I’ve made my point. Blue is in.

I remember when MyCase was frustrated with Clio for switching from Clio’s signature yellow to blue, because among the early cloud-based practice management software companies, MyCase was the blue one. But you could just as easily argue that Clio was going with the flow. Lots of legal tech companies before and since have decided to use blue as their primary color.

It’s not just legal tech companies that prefer blue, of course. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are all blue:


What’s going on here? According to the Logo Company, blue conveys trust and security and is a good fit for legal companies. Fast Company points out points out that gender also comes into play. Blue and green are the only colors men and women both tend to like. And green is all about nature and youth—and money. Trust and security is probably a better fit for legal software.

Blue says “hey, you can trust me” and “don’t worry, I’ll take good care of your clients’ information.” Which, given that legal tech (particularly cloud-based legal tech) is still struggling for acceptance, makes a lot of sense.

I guess lawyers aren’t quite ready for “optimistic and youthful” yellow or “energetic” red. For now, blue is apparently the safe bet in legal tech.

In closing, some songs about the color blue …

(Thanks to Andy Cabasso, Joshua Lenon, Gyi Tsakalakis, and Derek Bolen for suggesting songs.)

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  1. Susanna James says:

    Great article Sam! There’s more where these came from, HighQ (cloud collaboration for law firms) is blue too! Definitely a colour that evokes security and trust. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/24df598d944e406e5e94636c451bf41ca3e08deae72a6752112fd607bd3fb3d2.png

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