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ABA Journal—Legal Rebels: “Lisa Solomon Found the Time Was Right for Her Career in Online Legal Research”

For many lawyers, legal research—electronic and otherwise—is seen as a tedious, tough, and time-consuming task. This week, host Victor Li talks to Lisa Solomon about her love for online legal research. She was one of the first lawyers that took advantage of technological advances that made it possible for firms to outsource legal research.

The Digital Edge: “Is Law Really A Buyer’s Market? And If So, Now What?”

Legal market analyst Jordan Furlong talks to hosts Sharon Nelson and Jim Calloway about what has driven law to be a consumer-focused market, which new players are breaking onto the scene, and how law firms should react to those changes. They also talk about ways to respond to market forces.

Kennedy-Mighell Report: “Why Video Conferencing Belongs in the Law Firm”

Hosts Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell talk about the advantages of video conferencing for lawyers. They discuss how lawyers use video chat, security concerns, and which software works best.


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