Lawyers often approach legal marketing with a question: “Does X work?” X here is a marketing strategy they have heard about, like buying Facebook ads or joining a networking group. What you should ask instead is “How does X work?” and “Who does X work best for?” Those are smarter questions.

Most legal marketing strategies work if you have a clear understanding of your ideal client and if you understand the various marketing strategies at your disposal well enough to select those most likely to help your ideal client learn about your firm, decide to hire you, and sign your retainer agreement.2

Whether you are just getting started or looking to take your firm to the next level, you’ll need to understand these legal marketing concepts and strategies:

  1. Zal v. Steppe, 968 F.2d 924, 932 (9th Cir. 1992). 

  2. You’ll also need to understand your ideal client well enough to built a client service model that keeps them loyal, but that’s a topic for another page. 

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The Small Firm ScorecardTM

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