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We all know there are a lot legal marketing tools and opportunities out there. Some are better uses of your time and money than others for finding the kinds of clients you want.

So what methods—online and offline—do you use to find new clients?

Please take a minute to let us know in the survey below, then feel free to elaborate your thoughts in the comments.



  1. Mike Bryant says:

    Looks like the free or cheapest are leading the way. TV/Radio/Billboards could have been two or three categories. I would expect the yelowpages number will be gone in a couple more years.

  2. Peter Pitorri says:

    About two years ago, I noticed that a number of law firms in Northern Virginia were using direct mail as an ad medium. Since our clientele base is 90% lawyers, we decided to try it as well. We now mail to between 100 and 150 individual attorneys each month, in stratified markets (e.g., collections, family law, personal injury). We carefully monitor names, addresses, and dates of mailing.

    Turns out, returns from DM have run as high as 5%. Also, we have had an ad in the Fairfax Bar Journal; it does pull, but still not as well statistically, as the DM campaign.

    (FYI, most of the attorneys who call require asset searches — bank accounts, places of employment, brokerage, etc.)

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