Many lawyers dream of having their ads becoming viral sensations. Nothing would be better than your name being the first thing in anyone’s head whenever they have a legal problem. But personal injury lawyer Morris Bart in Louisiana has done every lawyer one better, and has become the theme of a two-year-old’s birthday party.

You read that right. A toddler became so obsessed with the lawyer’s commercials that his mother decided to throw him a Morris Bart-themed birthday party. The cake had Bart’s face on it, the toddler wore a t-shirt with Bart’s face on it, and there was even a life-size cutout of Bart. Although Bart didn’t attend the party in person, he did send an autographed picture along with some other schwag.

There’s a lot to be said about entering the market at the point of least competition or for having an advertising jingle stuck in people’s heads. But having a toddler’s mother voluntarily use your law firm as the theme for the child’s birthday party is, well, something else entirely.

Featured image: “Happy baby boy eating cake for his first birthday party” from Shutterstock.

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