Hiring the right internet marketing consultant can have a great impact on the effectiveness and efficiency of your online marketing efforts.

Just as in other forms of media, there is limited real estate on the internet. And this real estate is competitively fought over, especially when it comes to the legal profession. That is why it is important to consider law firm web marketing services that offer non-compete agreements.

Suggest to your prospective lawyer internet marketing company that they include some form of “exclusive partnership” or “non-compete” agreement.

By procuring a non-compete agreement, you will help limit any possible conflicts of interest between you and your lawyer internet marketing provider.

The agreement should limit the number of competing law firms with regard to practice area and geographic territory that the marketer will take on as clients.

Obviously, some competition and keyword overlap is to be expected. However, avoid situations where most efforts are focused on the same keywords across thirty or so competing law firms.

If they are unwilling, at least ask for an accounting of their number of current clients that will be targeting the same core keywords. That way, you will know what you are getting into before you are committed.

Exclusive law firm SEO protects you from contributing your competition’s online efforts. This is one of the most overlooked, and most important, components to hiring the right search law firm search engine optimization consultant.

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