Lawyers Must Evolve or Face Extinction


The ABA’s Legal Rebels project is designed to highlight some dynamic players in what sometimes looks like a stagnant, stubborn profession. Here is an excerpt from my own essay for the 24 Hours of Rebels event:

There is little imagination in the practice of law. From BigLaw to SmallLaw, most practices look just like the next. Most lawyers focus on the same practice areas, market to the same people, bill the same way, and give clients the same options.

Lawyers with nothing but the same, tired law practice model will become fungible in the legal marketplace. Fungible lawyers are simply a commodity.

Smart lawyers will not let this happen, at least not to them. And there are many smart but unemployed lawyers with little to lose by trying some new things.

Lawyers seeking to thrive in the current and future legal market need to approach law practice with entrepreneurial vigor, not a copycat mindset.

Sam Glover: Lawyers Must Evolve or Face Extinction | Legal Rebels


  1. Do you think that lack of entreprenurial spirit is really the problem? Can you name some small law firms that you think are really innovative in terms of marketing?

    Perhaps the problem with marketing legal services is that there is only a finite amount of legal work with a tremendous amount of competition.

  2. Sam Glover Sam G. says:

    I don’t necessarily think the problem is a lack of innovation in marketing, I think the problem is a lack of innovation in the provision of legal services.

    I know many lawyers who are innovating in the way they provide legal services. Many are solos or very small firms, who are experimenting with unbundled services, alternative fee arrangements, and finding new kinds of clients. There is a ton of room for innovation in law practice, and entrepreneurial lawyers are finding it.

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