lawyersloveIPhonesThe iPhone integrates seamlessly with your law practice—making you more mobile and more productive.

If you need to send e-mails every two seconds, maybe a Blackberry is for you. If you want to do more than that—take the plunge and get an iPhone.

  1. Dropbox. I have blogged before about Dropbox and I generally like it. Dropbox allows you to store all of your files online. There is an app for it, and it works great. We have a paperless office and all of our client files are stored online. When I am in court, I can pull out my phone and pull up anything I could pull up on a laptop. Dropbox, however, does not store all of your files on your IPhone. So if you cannot get an internet signal, you cannot access Dropbox. If you know what files you need ahead of time, click a button and Dropbox will store them on your iPhone.
  2. Freshbooks. I have also blogged about Freshbooks—great way to track your time for free. The iPhone app was just released and it works great. If you are in court or out of the office—great way to keep a nice record of your time.
  3. Skype. Skype is phone service over the internet and it is well-liked in my office. Yes, it is somewhat ridiculous to log into your phone to use internet phone service, but there are two advantages. One, if you are calling from Skype, you are not using those precious anytime minutes. Two, if you are calling from Skype, you are calling from your office number, and not your personal cell phone number. Which is fairly important, unless you really want clients to have your cell phone number.
  4. Gmail/GCal. I have written a couple articles on why I think Google’s mail and calendar are slightly superior to MobileMe. Gmail and GCal work great on the IPhone—and you do not even need an app for it. Access both through Safari and you will extremely surprised at how easy it is to use both.
  5. Passcode/Remote Wipe. Understandably, lawyers need to be careful about carrying around client data in their pocket. One, enable the security passcode on your iPhone as a first round of defense. Two, sign up for a MobileMe account ($99 for one year). With MobileMe, you can go online and not only check to see where your IPhone is, you can make your phone display a message “Hi, I lost my phone, please call at 555-5555.” You can also make your iPhone play an extremely annoying sound, even if it is set for silent mode. You can also initiate a new passcode lock—it will replace any previously set code. Last, but certainly not least, you can remotely wipe the contents of your iPhone.

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  1. John Pruitt says:

    Regarding 5 – I believe if you remote wipe the phone, or if you have the phone self wipe after a certain number of failed login attempts, you will not be able to track the phones location any longer via Mobile Me. I don’t see this as a big deal though. Remotely wipe the phone and if you need to replace it, you can rebuild the new phone from your last backup.

    Great lists of items here. I’ll be grabbing your RSS shortly :)

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