From the ABA Journal:

Lawyers with “higher levels of resilience, empathy, initiative and sociability” are more likely to leave law practice than those with lower levels of those traits.

In other words, don’t hire associates who display the characteristics you actually want in an associate.

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  1. LSDC says:

    Just hire sociopaths. Okay, got it.

  2. Karen L. says:

    How sad for what that says about the legal profession!

  3. says:

    That is actually not surprising. Another interesting quote: “31 percent of female associates leave private practice altogether after leaving their law firm, and 18 percent of male associates leave private practice altogether after leaving their law firms”

  4. This really shows on why the legal profession’s approach to things has changed so little over the last 500 years. To a big extent, attorneys still follow the same business model that was being used when we were citizens of merry ol’ England. If the people staying in the profession lack resiliance and initiative then it’s a given that new techniques/approaches are unlikely to be tried or followed.

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