Imagine you are trying to contact a lawyer about hiring him. So you send him an email like a normal person does. Almost immediately, you get a reply:


“What the hell? Who is David and why is he sending me spammy email?” That’s my first reaction pretty much every time. (My second reaction is to wonder if David is confused about why he has trouble getting clients.)

But let’s say you realize David is that lawyer you were considering giving a lot of money to. And let’s also say you aren’t totally put off that David is making you jump through hoops just to get your email to his inbox. So you click the link.


Oh. Nice. David wants you to prove you are a human being before he will deign to allow your inquiry to drop into his inbox.

Fine. beanbag. There, are you happy, David?


No, David, I am not interested in a free trial of your standoffish spam sentry program. In fact, I am not interested in hiring you after all. But thank you for wasting my time.

Look, if you are having that much trouble with spam, just use Google Apps for Work. Don’t take it out on your potential clients.

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