A Greener Law Office from Sam Glover on Vimeo.</center

A very short video with some things you can do to make your law office a little greener. (I realize this is not strictly a podcast. I don’t know why I keep calling it that.)

Please share your own tips in the comments.


  1. Avatar Steve says:

    Sam, let me say that I love your sight. However, I am not happy with the direction it is going. Lawyerist is a great name for a blog….as long as that blog is about law and being a lawyer. SoloSmall Tech was about tech for the office. In your case, it was a law office, but could apply equally to a solo insurance agent, etc. What I am saying is….don’t box yourself in. The title will turn a lot of people off of the site, thinking it is just for lawyers.

    The title sends a completely different message than the content.

  2. Avatar Sam Glover says:

    Thank you for your thoughts. Lawyerist is both narrower and more broad than SoloSmallTech. It definitely narrows the focus to the law office, but also opens the focus up, away from just technology and solo and small firms.

    I think non-lawyers will still find the information here useful, although the title is certainly less “welcoming” to other disciplines.

    However, SoloSmallTech will survive as a subcategory of Lawyerist with its own page. This is a period of transition, so stick with me!

  3. Avatar Carol says:

    When getting rid of equipment that you have replaced, and especially if no charity wants it (or it is too much trouble to find one), try http://www.FreeCycle.org before worrying about getting it to an e-toxic collection site. Someone will probably want it enough (even if it isn’t working, they may just need to cannibalize it for parts) to pick it up.

    I am an avid FreeCycler, and believe in the power of one gift at a time!

    If all else fails and one wants to know where to get rid of electronic waste, go here https://www.epa.gov/recycle

    I liked the video.


  4. Avatar Carol says:

    Why did Gravitar come up by my suggestion? I am a law librarian in Los Angeles!!

  5. Sam Glover Sam Glover says:

    A Gravatar is a Globally-Recognized Avatar (gravatar.com). If you get one, your avatar will automatically show up when you post.

    I suppose I should do a post on this new feature of the blog.

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