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This is the second year of The Lawyerist Podcast, our weekly show about lawyering and law practice. We’ve had some great conversations, and our shows were downloaded over 29,000 times during November, when we joined the Legal Talk Network. Here are the most downloaded episodes of 2016.

10. Going Mobile without Losing Balance, with Kristin LaMont

It turns out that for all its advantages, being able to work anywhere can make it hard to stop working. In this episode, TBD Law alum Kristin LaMont talks about how her firm built a healthier work-life balance after going mobile.

9. The Dark Web, with Mark Lanterman

In 2016, everyone was talking about the Dark Web, but not many people know what it is. In this episode, computer forensics expert Mark Lanterman explains the Dark Web for lawyers, and discusses some of the “trends” in law firm security breaches.

8. Goldilocks, Clio, and Apps for Access to Justice, with Katrina Leung

In this episode, Katrina Leung talks about her “Goldilocks” approach to law practice, which eventually led her to start her own practice, Intuos Law, then move into Clio headquarters for her office space, and she even .works on access to justice with the Courthouse Libraries BC and Thomson Rivers University Law School.

7. Access to Justice Through Fotonovelas and Video Games, with Susan Garcia Nofi

As the executive director of New Haven Legal Assistance Association in Connecticut, Susan Garcia Nofi pursued some pretty amazing projects for increasing access to justice across language and cultural barriers, including—no joke—video games and fotonovelas.

6. Stuff You Should Know About Computers but Probably Don’t, with Adriana Linares

There are a lot of things, but in this episode TBD Law alum Adriana Linares boiled the list down to 9.

5. The Evolution of Online Marketing, with Greg Siskind

Greg Siskind launched the first small-firm website and the first law blog, so he’s ideally situated to ponder the evolution of law firm websites and online marketing over time.

4. Starting a Boutique Firm, with Patrick Palace

TBD Law alum Patrick Palace is both a small-firm innovator and past Washington State Bar Association president, and he has some interesting and valuable insights into successful small law firms as a result.

3. Designing the Client Experience, with Gyi Tsakalakis

If you want a prediction about the future, here it is: successful future firms are going to be designed around the client experience. In this episode you will find out what client-centric design means and how to do it, with Lawyerist contributor and TBD Law alum Gyi Tsakalakis.

2. Developing an Innovative Small-Business Practice, with Davis Senseman

Davis Senseman built her small-business practice from the ground up with an innovative—but not unfamiliar—approach. In this episode she explains how she went about it.

1. Starting a Solo Practice, with Mac Power Users Podcaster Katie Floyd

Finally, Katie Floyd has her own very popular podcast, Mac Power Users, but she is also a lawyer who had a brand-spanking-new solo practice when we recorded. In this episodes she explains her approach to going out on her own and building a Mac-powered law practice.

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