Lexbe is a cloud-based eDiscovery processing and document-review software entirely accessible through your browser on any internet-enabled device.

Lexbe Highlights

Self-administering program. You can upload documents, set up cases, add and remove users, and prepare a document production all from your computer and, probably, all by yourself. You are in complete control of the case and data management, though if you need help with anything, Lexbe offers free customer service. And if you need extended or specialized support, it offers professional services at an hourly rate.

Lexbe Uber Index. Lexbe’s eDiscovery platform captures text from a document’s native version, but it also grabs from metadata, pseudo metadata, text from OCR’d versions of images, and from automatic English translations of foreign language documents. This provides for a more comprehensive breakdown of your data and helps ensure that when you search for something, you’ll find it.

Scale with you. Lexbe operates within the AWS cloud environment, using Amazon’s services, features, and security. When your ESI needs grow or decrease, Lexbe scales with you and protects your data with bank-level 256-bit encryption along the way.

Lexbe Pricing

Pricing with Lexbe starts at $25/GB, though it offers 3 different tiers:

  • A Flex Plan, which is month-to-month and scales up or down as you need.
  • A Subscription Plan, which offers tiered discount levels depending on the amount of data you need to process.
  • The “All-in Plan,” which includes their professional services.

Because plans can be customized and pricing varies on a number of different factors, you will need to reach out for a consultation and quote.

Lexbe also offers free personal demos, a free monthly 45-minute product demo, and a 15-day free trial.

Lexbe Features

Starts at $25/GB/mo
Free TrialYes
Predictive Coding
Bates Stamping
Production Logs
Free Customer Consulting

Things You Might Want To Know

Browser-based. Lexbe is PC and Mac compatible and doesn’t require additional software or add-ons to run. All you need is your web browser. This means that anyone who is an authorized user to your Lexbe account can review documents from any internet capable device. It also means that if you need to hire freelance or contract attorneys for document review, getting them set up is as easy as sending them login credentials.

Security. Lexbe uses 256-bit (AES-256) encryption, which is the same technology used by financial institutions. It is HIPAA compliant and uses AWS servers, which means your data is stored in secure and monitored data centers. Their Terms of Service note that they disclaim “any ownership interest in your and your client’s documents” and they hold those documents subject to attorney-client privilege and work-product privilege.

Free processing. Lexbe offers free processing on all documents you upload to its platform regardless of what plan you are on. All plans also have zero setup fees, zero user fees, and zero case fees, which means more ease in organizing and reviewing your documents.

Who Lexbe Is For

Lexbe was built with boutique law firms, in-house legal departments, and corporations in mind to help better manage complex eDiscovery needs. With this in mind, and given its ability to quickly scale to your needs, Lexbe would be a good fit for attorneys who have more involved ESI needs, prefer a DIY approach to eDiscovery, and who anticipate needing additional users to help with any ESI needs.

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