Lawyer Biographies Are The Most Popular Law Firm Website Content

According to a recent study by LexisNexis, which surveyed 209 law firms on their website’s place in their marketing, 85% of respondents stated that their most visited pages are their lawyers’ biographies.

The popularity of such content helps to explain why respondents also ranked online legal directories (61% ‘very’ and ‘somewhat’ effective) as the third most effective lead generation tactic, behind their website (74%) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO, 62%). Adding relevant content about their lawyers, market expertise and thought leadership to online directories provides firms with further SEO benefits beyond their own website and helps to surface their content to a wider online audience to help prove credibility and generate new leads.

Clearly this area needs further research, because 209 firms is not going to be nearly a representative sample size. The fact that so many law firm websites list their lawyer biographies as their most visited content, however, shows that there is much to be gained from any firm putting extra time into content for their attorneys’ bios, and making those pages sufficient lead-generation pages in addition to just being informative.

You can find the entire Websites in Law Firm Marketing report here [PDF]. Read Lawyer Biographies Remain the Most Popular Content on Law Firm Websites in Communicating Expertise on LawMarketing Blog.

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  1. Avatar Dave S says:

    It would be interesting to see how the percentages change (i.e., most visited content/page on website) depending on the type of law firm. I could see this being the for websites of large law firms who represent a lot of corporate clients. I wonder if that changes for smaller firms who represent mostly individuals.

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