Lawyers talk a lot about client service, but few do anything about it. Follow along as Lee Rosen tries to hire a lawyer himself:

Lawyer 1 … He explains that he doesn’t do what I need. He thinks I need someone else. He thanks me for thinking of him.

Does he refer me to one of the other lawyers in the firm (there are more than 100)? Nope. Does he refer me to one of his connections outside of the firm? Nope. He thanks me for checking with him and says goodbye.

It gets worse. The second lawyer stops responding to Lee’s emails even though he said he can help, and Lee obviously can pay and is ready to write a check. What.

Featured image: “Closeup portrait, young befuddled, bewildered computer geek” from Shutterstock.


  1. Guest says:

    And The Verge reports that Google is suing the Mississippi Attorney General.

  2. Ken says:

    Lawyer #1 may be the asshole. But sometimes YOU, the client, are the asshole, and Lawyer #1 doesn’t want to inflict you on anyone. Or maybe you are crazy, or crazy high-maintenance, or have incredibly unrealistic expectations that will bedevil anyone.

    Not saying this is always true. But sometimes, when I’m asked for a referral to another lawyer and I can’t think of one, that’s the reason.

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