How One Lawyer Uses Big Data to Find Whistleblower Clients

John Mininno, a lawyer in New Jersey, is running a legal tech startup to catch crooks. His company specifically targets crooks in the guise of healthcare companies that rip off Medicare using fraudulent billing practices. His company, National Healthcare Analysis Group, analyzes reams of Medicare data released by the government and finds the inconsistencies among Medicare providers — inconsistencies that may indicate fraudulent billing practices.

The company even uses big data analysis to identify potential whistleblowers, such as highly qualified nurses who work at the fraudulent healthcare provider for only a few months. If Mininno’s company is successful in finding a whistleblower case, it and the whistleblower gets to keep a percentage of the settlement.

Underlying this story is the inventive use of government data as a tool for both societal good and profit. As federal agencies and states become more and more open with their public data hopefully more stories like this will emerge.
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