law-practice-management-softwareIf software as a service (SaaS) is the future of law practice management software, it is good to see another option in the category. LawRD was developed by Portugese SaaS company muchBeta, and is a real contender for top honors—although it must still mature.

Like the competition (Rocket Matter and Clio), LawRD is a matter-based law practice management application that works anywhere you have a web browser (including your phone). You can associate contacts, notes, timekeeping records, and expenses, and use tags to create other relationships between contacts.

LawRD has some features the competition lacks, such as smart, preset billing configurations, always-present contextual help, and a great interface. RD stands for Reports on Demand, and LawRD excels at providing helpful, good-looking reports for all aspects of your law practice, from productivity to profitability.

But for all that, LawRD’s best feature may be its price. Unlike Rocket Matter and Clio, LawRD has a realistic pricing structure, just $20 per user, a third of the others.

All that said, LawRD has some drawbacks. For one, the website is slow. (Maybe the servers are in Portugal, for all I know, but at the moment, I can’t even load the main page.) It also feels—even more than the competition—like a work in progress. While the timekeeping features are top-notch, LawRD does not yet handle billing, tagging is quite limited, and it does not sync with any mobile devices.

Overall, though, I was quite impressed with LawRD. It is competent law practice management software wrapped in an impressive package. It may not be perfect right now, but it is very usable, and shows great potential.

Just don’t try to pronounce the name. The developer who gave us a tour made it sound like “lard.”


  1. Wes says:

    Interesting. Was not aware of LawRd. Will look further into them.

    I was surprised to hear no mention of AdvologixPM in your talk of SaaS practice management systems.I think they may be the player in this industry with the most potential. I think they are a bit more expensive, but are also much more feature rich.

  2. Sam Glover Sam Glover says:

    I haven’t heard of AdvologixPM, but I would be interested in giving it a test drive. I hope the product looks and functions better than the website, though, especially at those prices.

  3. Erik says:

    Sam– I noticed when I was about to click the LawRD link in the first paragraph that the URL isn’t just “” but also has “/aff/sg059”; does this mean that you’re an affiliate of theirs and get some sort of benefit for clickthroughs or if readers sign up for the service? If that’s the case, I’m not trying to make a big deal of it, but (a) full disclosure is great for your credibility and (b) they should obfuscate their affiliate URLs better!

  4. Erik says:

    … and by the way, after I saw that the URL was structured that way, I still clicked the link. Your blog is great, and if you recommend something, I’m going to check it out.

  5. Sam Glover Sam Glover says:

    Yes, LawRD has an affiliate program, so we have an affiliate link. It did not occur to me to post a disclaimer, since nearly every product we review, good or bad, has some sort of affiliate program, and we join them when we can. If they do not have a specific affiliate program, there is always Amazon.

    For example, if you click on a link to buy a NeatDesk scanner in my review, it is an affiliate link through Amazon. I didn’t like the scanner, but it makes sense to use an affiliate link, if someone wants it anyway.

    And thanks very much for the vote of confidence!

  6. Wes says:

    Yeah it is a bit pricey but is still much cheaper than Time Matters or other on premise PMs.

    I’ll drop a line to the Advologix team letting them know of your interest.

  7. Danny Johnson says:

    With the emergence of the legal SaaS market, it is tough to stay on top of all the new players. I appreciate posts like this so I can better understand the market and the direction that it is going.

  8. Allan says:

    I am using a new web-based legal practice management software called HoudiniESQ. This is by far the best SaaS legal practice management suite I have used. It has just as much feature set as AdvologixPM but is much easier to use. It is a very cool application, beautiful user interface, the best looking web application I have seen so far. The price is about the same as Clio and RocketMatter but you get more features. Check it out:

  9. George says:

    Thanks for the info, Allan. I checked it out and found out it’s actually FREE for Solo. Downloaded it a few days ago and now my entire practice is running on esq. The best feature I love about it is the email integration. ESQ works great with my gmail account, and it tracks the time I spent on each matter. My billable hours in the last couple of days was more than usual because it tracked everything for me.

    I agree with you it is a beautiful product. It’s about time that we have some free products in our community.

  10. Julie K says:

    Many do believe RocketMatters and Clio pricing is fair. Sure some desktop initial pricing may seem cheaper, but continued support and upgrades are not. RM and Clio include all upgrades and support in the monthly fees. I don’t need the least expensive, but the best value including pricing and features. I believe SaaS is the future for convenience and overall features. Clio has unlimited data storage, extranet sharing/collaboration, billing, trust accounting, case management (matters, client, notes, tasks with global search) 24/7 access. Free import of existing data and training. No server, Firewall, VPN or software to maintain or upgrade.

  11. Fran says:

    Just wondering if CLIO can be imported into Quickbooks MAC? Anyone know the answer?

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