LawPal went live earlier this year, described in our forum by founder Alex Halliday:

LawPal is part project management, part deal room. It is a way to manage your transactions in a collaborative, efficient way. Document exchange, feedback collection and versioning via email is painful and expensive today and we want to change that. We will be expanding the service to include signing, daily digest emails and more granular privacy controls.

It was a nifty idea, but I found it difficult to get acquainted with:

LawPal violates my #1 rule of software: if I can’t figure out what to do with it within 10 minutes, I move on. I’ve spent more than 10 minutes on it, and I’m not going to spend more time on it until they say it’s ready for prime time.

If you were using LawPal, you have until November 30th to download your information. LawPal will delete all user data on December 1st.


  1. Greg Broiles says:

    Well, that’s a shame. 6 months really isn’t enough time to see if a new idea is going to live or die or needs to change to survive. I realize it’s tough to keep something alive indefinitely – but a product like this will take years to reach critical mass in a slow-to-adopt market like law. I hope the participants learned good things to apply in their next effort. Unfortunately, when sites/businesses like this have a short lifetime, it makes it even scarier to commit to the next new thing – I would be pretty frustrated if I had put a lot of effort into integrating LawPal into my professional life and then found out it was going to disappear in 2 weeks.

  2. Jay Brinker says:

    Six months is not very long which makes me wonder what happened to the “hundreds of law firms” that were signed up to use the service. I hate to see any business crash and burn, but it took me 10 minutes of reading the description of their business and a visit to their web site to understand what service they were selling. Use of buzz words like versioning and granular is not helpful. I guess that they sold a to do list with the ability to attach documents?

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