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Lawyerist Rating for Lawcus


Rating Breakdown

Our Rating: 4.6/5

Our rating is based on our subjective judgment. Use our resources—including our rating and community ratings and reviews—to find the best fit for your firm.

Community Rating: 5/5 (based on 3 ratings)

The community rating is based on the average of the community reviews below.

Composite Rating: 4.7/5

The composite rating is a weighted average of our rating and the community ratings below.


Product Details

Core Features

For , the following are essential features, and you should therefore expect to see a check in every box in this section.


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Lawcus Community Reviews


Based on 3 Ratings

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  • Jesse Lohrke says:

    Third and favorite practice management software

    We switched practice management software to Lawcus about six months ago.

    We were looking for a few things:
    -Client intake system
    -To input data only once
    -To be able to populate motions, letters, and forms with that data.
    -Easy time tracking and billing.
    -Integration with other programs we rely on or should rely on.
    -Flexible workflows with lots of functionality.

    Several programs offer most or all of these things, but Lawcus has been the best at integrating it so all the pieces talk to each other in a way that is usable in our practice. Where we’ve run into questions, the support is excellent and timely.

    It has taken a lot of customization and time to turn our forms, pleadings, and letters into documents that populate with a matter’s information, but it has been worth it. Now we can generate documents that are populated with case-specific information that was already input into fields. We are able to easily create the fields that fit our practice. We can customize the fields that apply to our practice areas, so client matters are created with relevant fields.

    Client intake is built into Lawcus. This feature has been nice because it allows us to track potential clients and follow up with them until we convert them to clients or store them away as “did not hire.” Client intake is definitely a strength.

    We have had a couple things we didn’t like, but the team there is responsive. They have implemented a couple of our suggestions and they are constantly improving.

    All in all, we have two lawyers and two assistants, and we have put a lot of data and a lot of clients into Lawcus. We are happy with it and are constantly incorporating it further into our practice.

  • Genissa Richardson says:

    New to Lawcus and loving it!

    I have rave reviews about Lawcus. My contact, Harsimran Singh, has been awesome to work with. He gave me a free tutorial, showing me how to use all the major features. And he’s extremely responsive by email when I have questions.
    The dashboard is highly customizable, there’s a “dark mode” and the interface with apps is seamless.
    It’s a fabulous value for the price and I highly recommend it.

  • Rabab Singh says:

    Lawcus is best all in one solution any attorney is looking for

    Honestly I was looking for something like this for our lawyers, Its all in one solution any lawyer would need. Our lawyers were looking for tools that can handle multiple tasks so they can focus on their work instead managing data. Its automation tool is too good and if you setup properly you don’t have to worry about follow ups, task assignments, little things that would take too much time and just focus on your work. Our lawyers love using this tool.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Where can I use Lawcus?

    Since Lawcus is a cloud-based product, you can use it on any modern browser anywhere you have an internet connection.

    What is the price of Lawcus?

    At the time of this review, a standard subscription to Lawcus is $34/user/month. However, this does not come with some of the more sought after features of Lawcus, like email templates, workflow automation, custom fields, or advanced reporting. Most users will find the Business tier to have everything they expect at $59/user/month.

    Is Lawcus secure?

    Yes, they have 256 bit AES encryption at rest, and SSL encryption in transit. This is generally considered “bank grade.” Additionally, they have multi-factor user authentication, and house your data on Amazon’s AWS servers.

    Does Lawcus integrate with Microsoft 365?

    Yes, they integrate with Microsoft 365, as well as a whole host of other providers.

    Does Lawcus integrate with Google Workspace?

    Yes, they integrate with Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Drive.

    Can Lawcus handle my Trust Accounting?

    Lawcus can handle most attorney’s trust accounting. However, if you have specific needs, it would be best to get a demo directly from them, or check out a free trial account.

    Can I accept online payments with Lawcus?

    Yes. At the time of this review, Lawcus does not have an internal credit card processing platform. However, they integrate with LawPay, Gravity Legal, and Quickbooks. So lawyers have multiple options for online payments.

    Does Lawcus integrate with Zapier?

    Yes, Lawcus integrates with Zapier. However, users will need to subscribe to the Business tier in order to get these features.

    Can I automate documents with Lawcus?

    Yes. Lawyers can use basic mail-merge style document creation to automate their documents. When coupled with the powerful workflow automations, this can save your office a significant amount of time.

    Is Lawcus compatible with both PC and Mac?

    Yes. As a cloud-based product, you can use the product on a PC, a Mac, or any other device that will run a modern internet browser.

    Additional Details about Lawcus

    Lawcus is intuitive, workflow-focused law practice management software that’s especially useful for productivity focused law firms with well-defined systems and processes.

    Additional Details about Lawcus

    Productivity focus. While most law practice management software is good for organizing information, it’s also focused on velocity—moving your cases from intake to closing letter. Firms that use contingent or flat fees, or that have systems built to scale, will find this focus especially valuable.

    CRM included. Lawcus has a full, integrated client relationships management system, including client intake forms and e-signatures. Keep in mind, however, that these features may not come with the most basic tier.

    Workflow automation. Firms can set rule-based triggers and actions for all stages of client intake through billing so that it will handle some of the case administration on its own.

    Secure client communication portal. It’s built around collaboration, and that includes your clients. You can share documents and messages, but you can also assign tasks to your clients and schedule appointments with them.

    Who Lawcus is For

    Lawcus is an especially good fit for firms with a well-structured workflow for intake and case management.

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