is a new, free online service that connects attorneys with potential clients using a unique project bidding model.

How works is an easy-to-use, free law project bidding service. The service connects potential clients with attorneys using a simple three step process.

First, potential clients submit basic details of projects for which they need legal help. The list of open legal projects is then displayed in a sortable format for attorneys to browse (below). Projects can be sorted by billing method, area of law, jurisdiction, creation date, and deadline.

Second, when attorneys find projects they want to work on, they submit a project bid (below), describing their proposed billing structure, and details of their bid, which might include how they would work on the case, their experience, or any other pertinent details to differentiate their representation and service.

Finally, potential clients review the bids they receive for their project (below) and are allowed to select an attorney to represent them based on whatever criteria they prefer. Potential clients are not obligated to select any attorney, if none meet their needs.


Should you use is a new, free service. It may present some great opportunities for attorneys looking for creative ways to find additional clients. Because it costs nothing and takes little time to use, it is definitely worth trying if you find cases of interest in the open projects list.

However, because is so new—without a particularly large base of client or attorney users yet—the list of open projects is not large or of very high quality. It can present a good opportunity to pick up a small matter here or there, but until a critical mass of clients and attorneys start adopting it, it is not likely to be a primary source of clients for any attorney.

That may change as traffic and registered users increase over time.

How to try

Attorneys can sign up to try the service on the registration page. For anyone with additional questions about how the referral bidding service works, has a detailed FAQ page. is a Lawyerist advertiser, but they neither paid for, nor reviewed, this post.

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