Law Students Now Using Email Disclaimers, Apparently

Email disclaimers are a pointless waste of bandwidth even when lawyers use them, but at least lawyers are actually entitled to some privileges in general. Law students? Not so much.

But hey, law students are pretty terrible people as a general rule (case in point; and yes, I include my former-law-student-self in the terrible people group), so it’s no surprise that some are apparently tacking confidentiality clauses onto their emails. To protect emails discussing study groups, I guess?

As Bitter Lawyer points out, there are some obvious problems with this strategy. Left out of its analysis, however, was this, the most important question:

What sort of foundation will most effectively conceal the red mark you get when someone finally gives you the smack on the forehead you so richly deserve?

Featured image: “angry businesswoman is slapping across the businessman’s face” from Shutterstock.

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