Law Students: Make the Most of Your Winter Break Networking

When final exams are over, many law students travel over their winter break. No matter where you find yourself, use the opportunities afforded by different places and people to make new connections.

Too few of my 3L classmates have jobs lined up for after graduation. One of my friends has confided in me that he’s secured a coveted BigLaw associateship for next year, but won’t tell his peers because none of them yet have jobs. Despite this depressing state of affairs, law students can use the winter break between classes to get out there and connect with all kinds of people.

First, follow the advice of several clever Lawyerist contributors in these helpful posts on in-person networking:

Then, check out some specific pointers on how to handle yourself during and after an event, as emailed to all the students at my law school. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Go easy on the alcohol.
  • When you forget a name, admit it and make a joke about your forgetfulness.
  • Holding a beverage or small plate of food will help you look more welcoming and approachable.
  • Prepare to make a first impression. Check your appearance and confirm it is appropriate for the event.
  • Make sure you are properly equipped. Carry business cards, a pen, breath mints, and a handkerchief.

Ok, now you’re ready to grab your breath mints and build some relationships!


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  1. Avatar don says:

    is there a network of law students for traveling? i want to go to new york for winterbreak and stay with a law student before then going to europe.

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