You can read these law school debt rankings two ways. On the one hand, you can read it as an indictment of law schools that charge increasing tuition for a degree with decreasing value. On the other hand, the list takes on ominous significance in light of my earlier post suggesting that law school debt increases the incidence of suicide. [via Greedy Associates]


  1. It is amazing how many of the highest debt load comes from schools that are rather low-ranked. Looking at the those numbers make me thankful that I was able to payoff my loans this year. It was a huge relief to be done with that debt.

  2. Sue Hung says:

    I would like to say that having incurred significant debt from law school, it would be great if there had been some resource explaining the benefits of consolidating your loans and at fixed or unfixed interest rates. I might be good at analysis but some aspects of money management, just hurts my pretty brain.

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