This Law School Study Group’s Notes Will Cost You $5,000

Many people become horrible versions of themselves while in law school. Even so, the person who presented the following confidentiality agreement — with a liquidated damages provision, natch — to his study group may be an outlier.

Each Study Group member hereby agrees that at all times during their participation in the Study Group thereafter, to hold this in the strictest confidence, and to not disclose confidential information as defined herein to anyone who is not also a current member of the study group, without unanimous agreement, memorialized in writing, from the other Study Group members.

The penalty for breach in the foregoing agreement shall be the sum of $5000 to be rendered in cash, checks, or ACH transfers wherein the penalty sum is distributed equally among non-breaching members.

You can read the whole thing at Above the Law, if you want to for some reason. Also, see the always-helpful Kevin Underhill’s marked-up version at Lowering the Bar. (“It is equally stupid, fundamentally.”)


  1. Avatar Joseph Mornin says:

    How bizarre. I’ve put all of my law school notes on GitHub:

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