law practice management software: Time59Practice management software comes in many flavors, many of which are bloated, overly-complicated, and hard to use. Time59 is none of those things. Instead, it is simple, stripped-down, and affordable timekeeping and billing software.

Since I first put Time59 through its paces over two years ago, developer Chris Monaghan made some key improvements. But really, that fact alone is a great reason to try Time59. If it does not have a feature you need, talk to Chris; he can probably make it happen.

Here is what Time59 can do:

  • Timekeeping and expense tracking
  • Trust accounting
  • LEDES invoicing (including the ability to e-mail invoices directly from Time59)
  • Quickbooks-friendly exporting (Time59 also exports spreadsheets and text files)

The best part may be the price: at $49.95 per user per year, Time59 is one of the least expensive options for timekeeping and billing out there. It worked great for me through a full client cycle.

If you are considering Time59, there are a couple of things you should know. It is best set up for a solo attorney, or an office where all the lawyers bill at the same hourly rate for each project. Chris is considering enabling multiple users, but wants to focus on solo practitioners.

Also, Time59 is online-only, so you will need to be connected to use it. Maybe Chris will enable Gears at some point, but for now, there is no offline option.

Still, Time59 makes my short list of great timekeeping and billing options. The simplicity and ease of use make it a great choice for solos, in particular.

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  1. Thanks for the review Sam! I would just like to point out that there are no restrictions on the number of different rates you can set up. In fact you can easily bill for activity at multiple rates and combine them all on the same invoice. For example, if you want to combine attorney and paralegal time on the same invoice at different rates, no problem.

  2. Chilawyer says:

    I am a Chicago solo practitioner who has worked at law firms ranging from 18 to 1400 lawyers during the past 36 years. Going out on my own, one of my greatest concerns was finding a reasonably price billing software that would let me track and bill fees and expenses. I did a lot of reading about different programs, and picked Time 59 for a trial. It exceeded my expectations. It is amazing how fast I can generate .pdf’s of bills and email them out in just a couple of hours.

    Team 59 also lets you monitor work in progress. When a litigation client asks where its fees stand for the month, I can send them a copy and paste of the work in progress summary screen in 3 minutes. Of course, you can also see your A/R at a glance for managing collections.

    Time 59 is an indispensable component of my practice and, as geeky as this might sound, Time 59 is not only easy but fun to use. (Who ever would have thought that using billing software could be fun?). Finally, the developer, Chris Monaghan, makes himself totally available for any questions and suggestions.

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