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Smokeball Security, Backup & Encryption

  • Bank-grade security.
  • Manual document exports available.


Smokeball backs up your data internally, but there is no way for users to regularly back up their own data. However, you can request an export of all your documents, including versions. Presumably you could do this on a regular schedule if you wanted to.


Smokeball isn’t very forthcoming about security on its website or in its documentation. What Smokeball does say is that it uses “bank-grade security, encryption, firewalls, and data backups” to keep your client data secure. On the phone with a Smokeball tech representative, we learned that Smokeball uses 128-bit SSL to encrypt all data traveling between your computer and Smokeball.

For storage and backup, Smokeball relies upon Amazon S3, a cloud-storage service that does have a high level of security, uptime, and backup capabilities.