Smokeball is a good fit for firms who require hefty document assembly automation. It’s also great for firms who run their office exclusively on Windows. However, it’s probably not a good fit for firms looking for cloud-based management and more of an all-in-one solution, including billing and invoicing.

More About Smokeball

Smokeball is legal practice management software for small firms that run on Windows. Keep track of matters, contacts and tasks right from the dashboard. This software puts a particular emphasis on document assembly and automation, helping you streamline your process to save time and money. The software pre-populates your address, letterhead and signature block when you open any blank form. Similarly, a court form will include a caption that is correct for your jurisdiction and your attorney/firm information. Smokeball also has a variety of forms and letters that come pre-installed. You can also request that Smokeball set up a form or letter specific to your practice and you can create your own custom forms.

A unique integration with Microsoft Word makes onboarding with Smokeball fairly simple for anyone familiar with the word processor. The Smokeball calendar can sync with Outlook so you can update your calendar and contacts from anywhere. You can view your tasks and those of your colleagues at a glance so you can keep tabs on how cases are progressing. When you go to a matter, you can see all the tasks assigned to that matter. One downside is that all tasks are viewable by anyone, so this software may not be ideal for those who need more professional privacy.

Unfortunately, you can’t create and send invoices or manage billing through Smokeball. However, the software integrates with another legal practice management software program, Clio, for those needs.


Starting Price
Web app
iOS app
Android app
Email Client
Client/Contact Mgmt
Case/Matter Mgmt
Task Management
Secure Portal
Conflict Checking
Document Mgmt
Document Assembly
Billing & Invoicing
Online Payments
Trust Accounting
Basic Bookkeeping
Full Accounting

Company Info

Smokeball was launched in 2010 and is headquartered in the United States.

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