PracticePanther is a good fit for firms that like a clean and easy-to-use dashboard to manage their practice, including at-a-glance finances and calendar. It’s also great for robust document storage. However, it’s probably not a good fit for firms looking for contract management.

More About PracticePanther

PracticePanther is a practice management software that’s good for small to mid-sized firms. Track your time, stay on top of your to-dos and manage your calendar all from PracticePanther’s dashboard. From the dashboard, you can see all the money you’ve earned in a period, keep track of unpaid invoice amounts, and see how many billable hours you have yet to invoice.

PracticePanther can sync files across all devices, helping you keep track of documents and quelling fears of losing important files. Track changes, recover deleted files, and view version history so that any errors made along the way can be amended with ease. Additionally, you can lock individual files, and even password protect them, ensuring that your documents stay exactly how you intended. You can edit documents from anywhere, whether you are on a Mac computer, a Windows machine, or using the Android or iPhone apps. Collaboration is easy with PracticePanther—you can share files with clients, comment on files internally and work with designated teams.

Streamline document creation with PracticePanther’s templates and custom template forms. You can also create unique workflows to help manage cases and facilitate data entry. Document management is made easy with in-house storage as well as HIPAA-compliant integration that allows you to store up to 10 GB of information for free.


Practice Panther Law Practice Management Software

 Practice Panther
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2 Reviews of PracticePanther

  1. Harj says:

    Practice Panther is the best CRM, CMS combination out there

    Practice Panther is the best practice management tool out there for lawyers. The team take on board suggestions and work consistently to improve user experience. Clean interface with great intuitive functionality.

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  2. Carolin Shining says:

    Horrifying problem - need to switch IMMEDIATELY because of stupid programming.

    I cannot possibly imagine why, but this software has MASSIVE and important functions missing. (1) It does not allow you to bill one client with one bill including multiple matters. Instead, you have to create a separate invoice for every single matter. Then the client gets three separate bills. And so to have one bill on the surface, you need to create an invoice in word or something. Then print it out and mail it. Then when the client returns one check, you have to enter three different payments. (2) Also, there is no way to archive paid invoices and no way to archive closed clients. But that is only annoying compared to No. 1.

    The confusion with regard to how the bills look is insane. Going to have to switch immediately or lose customers.

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